My story:

The idea of SEFOELI started in the beginning of 2020, when trying to get its flat bicycle tyre fixed, was told that it would be less expensive to change the inner tube than to fix it. When asking a few bicycle stores about how many of these inner tubes they were changing on a weekly basis, the average answer was 10-20. Unfortunately, the majority of bicycle retailers in Denmark throw away all used inner tubes, leading these not to be recycled!

So why not collect them, and give them a new life? Here is the result! Are you ready to make a difference…in style? SEFOELI

The name SEFOELI is my international way of writing the word “selvfølgelig” in Danish, which means: of course, naturally, certainly, surely

My vision:

It is my goal to transform materials that would have end up being thrown away into beautiful bow ties.  

My mission:

My mission is to act for a better and greener world by recycling as many bicycle inner tubes as possible.

Since nowadays, only few are recycled and the majority burned, this made me to think of how we can find a solution to limit the impact that this leave to our environment.

Therefore I decided to create some bow tie, designed and made in Denmark by hand from recycled bicycle inner tubes and recycled textile.

Make a difference…in style… by wearing an original and eco-friendly bow tie, made with respect to the environment.


The bow ties are designed and handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

All the different materials have been very carefully cleaned several times in an eco friendly manner, hand-cut, and sew.


The majority of bicycle retailers in Denmark throw away all used inner tubes, leading these not to be recycled.

Since used inner tube is not biodegradable, but has many advantages, such as being waterproof and a durable material, it is reused in the best and most creative way in order to have a positive impact on the environment.


Textile purchased at different local fair trade retailers, second-hand stores or remnant from stores.

Not only does the recycling process offer an environmentally friendly purpose, but it also offers many environmental benefits, such as pollution avoidance, reduced consumption of energy and water, etc.. Since the textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry, it made sense to recycle as much textile as possible.



FSC-certified packaging (Forest Stewardship Council)

A6 card:

Nordic Ecolabelled printed informative card placed in the packaging on a A6 card. 

Woven label:

Woven label, which is made of 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton.

Produced in Europe, the woven label consists of 100% pure Egytian cotton


Hangtag made by hand with a wood stamp using black biodegradable endorsing ink.


The production of the bow ties is handled by “Huset venture”.

“Huset venture”is a social economy organisation based in the greater Copenhagen employing people with disabilities, who had professional skills in the filed of sewing.


Bicycle inner tubes uses no animal product in any stage of the production. 

Therefore the bow ties are considered to be vegan.